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Insects Cabaret: Dracularium Freak

Insects Cabaret: Dracularium Freak (Cabaret de Insectos) is a show inspired on the old freak shows, in ancient myths of terror and in some characters from Dracula by Bram Stoker. During the performance we learn that this cabaret was offered by Dr. John Seward to one of his patients and ancestor of this curious family. This cabaret was originally created by the eccentric Renfield, which feeds mostly on insects, and ancestor of a curious family…

A truly museum of curiosities, extremely visual that uses various manipulation techniques.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, a unique opportunity is waiting for you in our cabinet of monstrosities... pardon me... in our ‘Insects Cabaret'!...
We could even speak of a true bestiary with fabulous insects from all corners of our planet... and we will reveal many secrets, you can be sure that you will see things you’ve never seen before!...
Do not miss the opportunity to see the dance of death by an Archimantis Latistyla! A duel of Tabanus Sulcifrons! The oriental dances by Blatta Orientalis and the erotism of the can-can by a group of Titanacris Albipes! Yeah ... sure, we also have a flea orchestra!... We cannot reveal more… But you can be certain that we will haunt your imagination...! Ladies and gentlemen, put your seatbelts and nets, the show is about to start!"

Artistic direction and construction: Luís Vieira and Rute Ribeiro Puppeteers: Ana Amorim, Luís Hipólito, Luís Vieira, Rute Ribeiro Lighting design and sound: Catarina Côdea Scenography assistant and make up: Raquel Monteiro Executive production: Daniela Matos Photography: Alípio Padilha Supports and partnerships: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC Company sponsored by: Governo de Portugal - Secretário de Estado da Cultura | DGArtes Technique: Objects, mutants and shadows For audiences over: +12  Running time: 50 min.

Insects Cabaret: Dracularium Freak premiered in Teatro Taborda, in 22 January 2015, and was presented in São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Within FIMFA Lx15.

● This show is also available in English or French - contact us.

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