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La Semplicita' Ingannata - Deceived Simplicity by Marta Cuscunà

Marta Cuscunà (Italy)
La Semplicita' Ingannata - Deceived Simplicity
Satire for an actress and female puppets about the luxury of being women
Second stage of the project about female Resistance in Italy

Freely inspired by the Arcangela Tarabotti’s writings
and the Poor Clares’s events in Udine

A partnership between São Luiz Teatro Municipal and A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas

Portuguese Premiere
5 to 7 February 2016
São Luiz Teatro Municipal - Sala Mário Viegas
Friday and Saturday at 9pm – Sunday at 5.30pm

In italian, with Portuguese subtitles
Masterclass: 6 February from 3pm to 6pm (more info)
€ 12 (discounts €5 to €8,40)

Marta Cuscunà is a young Italian actress and author that already received some important rewards, such as "Premio Scenario Ustica" in 2009 for her first production "E' bello vivere liberi!/It's beautiful to live free!" that reveals her as one of the most interesting artist in the contemporary scene in Italy.
She is developing a fascinating Female Resistance project in Italy, choosing civil commitment with a blend of storytelling and puppet theatre. She demonstrates to have a strict narrative skill, capable of combining with magnetic qualities of entertainer on stage.

In the sixteenth century, having a daughter was problematic: from the father's point of view, it was an economic loss. Certainly, a beautiful daughter was economically advantageous as she could be married with a modest dowry, whereas a daughter with blemishes required a large payout.
Unfortunately, in times of economic crisis, the marriage market broke down and it was necessary to find an alternative solution: forced monasticism.

Very little is known about some important attempts of feminine emancipation that happened in Italy already in the sixteenth century, immediately suppressed and forgotten.

Such as the event of the nuns of the Saint Clare in Udine that carried out a truly unique form of resistance. These women transformed the convent in a place of anti-establishment activity, freedom of thoughts, desecration of religious dogmas and male culture.

They fought with a cultural fervour unconceivable for the female universe at that time. Obviously inquisition tried hard to re-establish a strong control over the convent and over that female community, but the Poor Clares were able to resist for decades, making fun of the male power and creating, inside the St. Clare convent in Udine, a surprising alternative - considering the standards of the society they lived in, where women were excluded from every aspect of the economical, political and social life.

With this theatre project, Marta Cuscunà would like to give voice to some young women who, in that period, fought against social conventions, claiming freedom of thought and of criticism towards the dogmas of male culture; and above all they claimed the freedom of creating an alternative female model to the one that men always stuck on the other half of humanity.

Concept, direction and performer: Marta Cuscunà Direction assistant: Marco Rogante Lighting design: Claudio Parrino Sound effects and music counselling: Alessandro Sdrigotti Technical manager: Marco Rogante, Alessandro Sdrigotti Set design: Delta Studios, Elisabetta Ferrandino Costumes: Antonella Guglielmi Promotion supporter: Laura Marinelli Coproduction: Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival Veneto 
Marta Cuscunà is part of Fies Factory project

Marta Cuscunà was born in Monfalcone, a city of factory workers famous for its shipyard, and for the sad legacy of the loss of so many of its residents to asbestos illness. She studied at “Prima del Teatro”: European School for the Art of the Actor.
She performed roles in “Merma Neverdies”, a performance with puppets by Joan Mirò and “Zoé, Inocencia Criminal”, both directed by Joan Baixas for the Teatre de la Claca Company (Barcelona).
In 2009, she won the “Premio Scenario Ustica” for “E' bello vivere liberi!”, a project of civil theatre for an actress, 5 puppets and a doll, written, directed and performed by herself.
In 2011, thanks to a scholarship, she participated in "… think only this of me...", a devised collaboration by actors and musicians of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London).
She has been a member of Fies Factory, a project by Centrale Fies, since 2009.

-Premio Scenario per Ustica, 2009;
-Finalist Premio Virginia Reiter for best actress under 35, 2011;
-Honorable mention in Premio Eleonora Duse, 2012;
-Premio Last Seen for Best Performance of the Year, 2012;
-Premio Citta' Impresa, 2013;
-Premio Franco Enriquez, 2013.

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