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Pierre Bastien in Lisbon > Sabotage Club > 18 October

PIERRE BASTIEN - Quiet Motors 
Wednesday 18 October - 10pm - Sabotage Club

A Nariz Entupido, Matéria Prima and A Tarumba present, for the first time in Lisbon, Pierre Bastien. "Quiet Motors" is a unique performance combining sounds from a pocket trumpet with a series of musical automatons built out of Meccano parts and gearings activated by small motors, which are capable of producing movement and percussion. The resulting mechanical orchestra plays, randomly, short sweet and hypnotical pieces. The seemingly simple appearance of this delightful machinery hides an intricacy revealed in the shadow games, images and projections.

INFO +   Tickets​ | 8 Euros

Pierre Bastien’s is a French composer and multi-instrumentalist born in 1953 who builds his own machineries, at the cross between music and visual art, that blends live trumpet sounds with screen projections of on-site, mechanical sound sculptures in a very poetic way. His work is described as “a timeless sounding orchestra, both futuristic and slightly dada, conjuring ancient traditions in its surprisingly sensuous music.”
In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he has been composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade. In the meantime he was constantly developing his mechanical orchestra. Since 1987 he concentrates on it through solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with such artists as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean
Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt or Issey Miyake. Pierre Bastien played first in some collective bands (Operation Rhino, Nu Creative Methods, Effectifs de Profil), and with the Dominique Bagouet Dance Company.
Around 1986 he started participating in Pascal Comelade's Bel Canto Orquesta. At the same time he created - and literally built - his own orchestra called Mecanium : an ensemble of musical automatons constructed from meccano parts and activated by electro-motors, that are playing on acoustic instruments from all over the world.
In the recent years, Pierre Bastien and his machines collaborated with video artist Pierrick Sorin, fashion designer Issey Miyake, British singer and composer Robert Wyatt, Trottola circus company, musicians Alexei Aigi, Steve Arguelles and Phonophani. The most recent compositions were released on Western Vinyl and Reflex.

"Pierre Bastien: the man who makes Meccano sing" - The Guardian |

António Caramelo is a visual artist with a serious interest in the non-visual. He makes regular exhibitions, and has co-organized and organized exhibitions and sessions. As a practicing artist António has collaborated on several projects in different areas such as sound, dance and theatre, working with real-time audiovisual systems. He was member of the band Academia da Euphoria, Hóstia de Angústia and NRV. At the moment it develops a No-Fi sound label with megaphones resulting from the most comprehensive and equally nihilistic research project called makearevolution*.

Pierre Bastien | António Caramelo
Sabotage Club | Rua de São Paulo, 16

And not to be missed Pierre Bastien in Porto, at FIMP'17 
- Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto 
21 October | Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli | 11pm

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