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World Puppetry day > 21st March > A Tarumba celebrates 25 years and presents the programme of FIMFA Lx18


São Luiz Teatro Municipal - Sala Bernardo Sassetti
21st March | 6.30pm (free entry)

A Tarumba celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018, and on World Puppetry Day will launch a book on its activity. 25 years dedicated to puppetry, with performances, travels and one of the most renowned festivals in Portugal and worldwide.
This day was picked by Rute Ribeiro and Luís Vieira, artistic directors of FIMFA, to present also the programme of FIMFA Lx18 – International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms, which will run from 3 to 20 May in Lisbon.

A Tarumba - Puppetry and Animated Forms: 25 Years
The fingers of our hands, that manipulate and bring life to the inanimate, are no longer enough to count the 25 years of the company A Tarumba – Puppet Theatre, created in 1993. Tarumba means to fluster, to daze, to stun, to amaze... words that express the general feeling of the company towards this form of art. It is within this context that a number of initiatives are developed, aiming to contribute to the search for new connections between the creation and the audience, having as a starting point the mixing of different artistic languages, which means by using the language of contemporary puppetry. Apart from the shows and the training actions, such as the Funicular Project (a programme of international workshops), A Tarumba is also in charge of the annual programme and production of FIMFA Lx - International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms, since 2001, which has been one of the most acknowledged festivals both nationally and internationally.  
Bilingual edition (Portuguese-English)

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