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SORRY, BOYS by Marta Cuscunà in Lisbon

SORRY, BOYS de Marta Cuscunà (Italy)
Dialogues on a secret agreement for 12 cut-off heads
Freely inspired by real events in Gloucester, Massachusetts

After the success of La Semplicita' Ingannata - Deceived Simplicity presented in February 2016, Marta Cuscunà returns to São Luiz with Sorry, Boys.

A partnership between São Luiz Teatro Municipal and A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas

Portuguese Premiere
18 and 19 March de 2017 
São Luiz Teatro Municipal - Sala Luís Miguel Cintra
Saturday at 9pm – Sunday at 5.30pm

18 March: conversation with the artists - after the show

In italian, with Portuguese subtitles
€12 (discounts €5 - €8,40)
For adults | Running time: 75 min
Tickets on line - São Luiz Teatro Municipal

In 2008, 18 girls under 16 in the high school in Gloucester are pregnant at the same time. And it seems not to be an accident for all of them. Some of the girls would have planned together the pregnancy, as part of a secret agreement, to grow up the children in a sort of feminine commune. In which adult social contest could the viral project of maternity gain power? In the black of the scene, two lines of cut-off heads. On one side adults. On the other side the young teenage fathers.
Sorry, Boys is the third stage of the project about Female Resistance.

The Plot
"It starts as a gossip in the high school in Gloucester. There are 18 pregnant girls - 4 times above the average - and it seems not to be an accident for all of them. The story arrives in the city: some of the girls would have planned together the pregnancy, as part of a secret pact, to grow up the children in a sort of female commune. When the headmaster speaks about it on a national newspaper, it becomes a media event and the private life of the 18 girls shocks all the community in Gloucester. Journalists from Australia to Great Britain, from Brasil to Japan crowd the city trying to find an explanation to this disturbing agreement. But they remain empty handed, because the community keep quiet, upset by the fact that the sexual life of their daughters has became the gossip of talk shows all over the world. The Gloucester 18 is a documentary where some of those girls speak, far from the public eye, for the first time. One of them admits to have decided to create a new little world and a new family after being present at a terrible feminicide. This discovery was for me as an alarming sign."

By and with: Marta Cuscunà Project and realization cut-off heads: Paola Villani Assistant to direction: Marco Rogante Lighting design: Claudio “Poldo” Parrino Sound design: Alessandro Sdrigotti Graphic animations: Andrea Pizzalis Costumes: Andrea Ravieli Photography: Alessandro Sala/Cesuralab para Centrale Fies, Daniele Borghello
Coproduction: Centrale Fies, com o financiamento de Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo With the support of: Operaestate Festival, Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, Comune di San Vito al Tagliamento Assessorato ai beni e alle attività culturali, Ente Regionale Teatrale del Friuli Venezia Giulia Diffusion: Laura Marinelli Heads kindly given by: Eva Fontana, Ornela Marcon, Anna Quinz, Monica Akihary, Giacomo Raffaelli, Jacopo Cont, Andrea Pizzalis, Christian Ferlaino, Pierpaolo Ferlaino, Filippo pippogeek Miserocchi, Filippo Bertolini, Davide Amato Marta Cuscunà is part of the Fies Factory Project

Motherlode / Drodesera 2015: Marta Cuscunà (IT) / Sorry, Boys from Centrale Fies on Vimeo.

Marta Cuscunà was born in Monfalcone, a city of factory workers famous for its shipyard, and for the sad legacy of the loss of so many of its residents to asbestos illness. She studied at “Prima del Teatro”: European School for the Art of the Actor.
She performed roles in “Merma Neverdies”, a performance with puppets by Joan Mirò and “Zoé, Inocencia Criminal”, both directed by Joan Baixas for the Teatre de la Claca Company (Barcelona).
In 2009, she won the “Premio Scenario Ustica” for “E' bello vivere liberi!”, a project of civil theatre for an actress, 5 puppets and a doll, written, directed and performed by herself.
In 2011, thanks to a scholarship, she participated in "… think only this of me...", a devised collaboration by actors and musicians of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London).
She has been a member of Fies Factory, a project by Centrale Fies, since 2009.

-Finalist Premio Ubu as best actress/perfomer, 2016;
-Premio Franco Enriquez, 2013;
-Premio Città Impresa, 2013;
-Premio Last seen for the best show of the year, 2012;
-Honorable mention Premio Eleonora Duse, 2012;
-Finalist Premio Virginia Reiter as best actress under 35, 2011;
-Finalist Premio Ubu as best actress under 30, 2010;
-Premio Scenario per Ustica, 2009

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